STILRIDE SUS1 gets the same central computer as super sports cars

ACTIA's Telematics control unit ACU6 will be used in SUS1


The Swedish-developed STILRIDE SUS1 electric motorcycle has received attention for its innovative STILFOLD manufacturing technology. It is now clear that the SUS1 will also have a high-tech and connected interior at launch. The central control computer, ACU6, has been developed by ACTIA in Sweden and is also used in some of the world's leading super sports cars.

Already at launch, SUS1 will have many features made possible thanks to ACU6. Possibilities are opened up for, for example, anti-theft and remote locking, geographic positioning, service diagnostics and battery status control via STILRIDE's app. But it is mainly the possibility of being able to develop new functions over time, update SUS1 wirelessly and that the hardware is well developed and certified that made the choice fall on ACTIA and ACU6.

The system is built around a central TCU unit (Telematics control unit) which makes SUS1 fully connected wherever you are in the world. ACTIA has a proven system with an integrated SDK (Software Development Kit) that allowed us to develop our own system platform for operating and controlling connected electric vehicles. In this way, we have been able to reduce the number of internal components and create a more efficient and flexible system. Because the ACU6 can be updated over the web, we can develop and offer new functionality on an ongoing basis to anyone who owns a SUS1. We can also collect data to optimize the riding experience based on how you use your motorcycle. ACU6 is a powerful system found in several premium and super sports cars today. That we have the same computing power and possibilities in a light electric motorcycle is unique, says Mattias Johansson,

A system that develops over time

ACU6 is a system for connecting, among other things, vehicles and technical equipment that is based around a central control unit. It makes it possible with functions such as remote locking, diagnostics, e-call and anti-theft. ACU6 also consists of an ecosystem of peripheral services that enable STILRIDE to be connected all over the world.

With ACU6, there are very few limits to what can be developed, and where in the world the vehicle can be connected as we have integrated global e-sim. On our TCU there is also space for completely specially written software for the vehicle. STILRIDE has created an optimized system specifically for SUS1, which will also be able to be developed throughout its life cycle, says Olle Wärn, key account manager at ACTIA.

Increased durability

Low climate footprint has been an important driving force in the development of SUS1, something that has been demonstrated in the innovative STILFOLD manufacturing technology. The technology is based on an origami-like folding of steel sheets, which leads to lighter construction and reduced material consumption. For STILRIDE, ACU6 is the key to enabling even more sustainable use of SUS1.

We will be able to analyze how each SUS1 is run and optimize battery operation, prevent problems, offer more energy-efficient driving modes and much more. The system also provides the opportunity to offer remote diagnostics during service and develop smart functions that prevent accidents. Our goal is for SUS1 to last longer and feel like a modern and sustainable choice throughout your ownership, concludes Mattias Johansson.

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