Features & Specs

100 km/h

~120 km

5,1 kWh

8 kW

HANDLEBAR - Optimized experience

Our handlebars are made for optimal ergonomics and drive quality. We achieve this by using integrated wiring and components along with a unique hydroformed design.

INSTRUMENT CLUSTER - Discreet, yet practical

The sleek and intelligent display screen is perfectly blended within the display area offering a discreet, yet practical view of the bikes essential vitals.

DRIVE MODES - Adjustable while in motion

Artfully crafted and ergonomically positioned our drive modes, RETUR (regenerative braking) and KRAFT (power), allows control and function for your driving experience.


RETUR is a regenerative braking function (in 5 steps) that works to slow the bike down using the motor braking, not the brakes themselves. With regenerative braking the energy repowers your battery and extends the vehicles total range. This function can work in synergy with KRAFT to adjust performance and preserve battery life.


This 5 step power function allows the driver to adjust the throttle response and power while driving. Make your ride smooth and easy or up to full power from engine and battery.

BRAKE SYSTEM - In sync with leading race bikes

We prioritize safety and have put a lot of time into developing a safe and secure brake system together with ISR Brakes from Sweden. ISR Brakes has been developing advanced motorcycle brake systems since 1968.

- Front: ISR Four piston caliper with 215x5 mm disc
- Rear: ISR Dual piston caliper with 190x4mm disc
- High quality two-channel ABS from Continental
- Ergonomic STILRIDE levers for total control
- Inbuilt/integrated master cylinders and brake lines in a hydroformed handlebar
- Adjustable regenerative braking, in 5 different modes, that allows freewheeling up to maximal energy regeneration (see RETUR)

STILCONTROL - Cutting edge sports car technology

STILRIDE is adapting cutting-edge sports car technology to its in-house developed eVCU (Electric Vehicle Control Unit), known as STILCONTROL. This advanced system is seamlessly integrated into a state-of-the-art Telematics Control Unit (TCU), gives STILRIDE 1 access to global connectivity and a range of additional features.

With STILCONTROL, the dedicated support team gains access to remotely analyze vehicle diagnostics, ensure optimal performance and proactively prevents potential system failures. The motorcycle is equipped with the latest software updates and configurations, delivered over the air (OTA).

This advanced technology enables STILRIDE to offer a superior riding experience that combines innovation, connectivity and remote support for a comfortable ownership journey, regardless of location.

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