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SEK 2,500.00


STILRIDE 1 is the ultimate light electric motorcycle for urban mobility. It combines cutting-edge design, technology, and sustainability to offer a smooth, fast, and eco-friendly ride.

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  • Estimated delivery. Fall 2024

We’re honoured by the interest and support from our community, which now has placed more than 100 reservations for the STILRIDE 1 Limited Founders Edition.

Light Electric Motorcycle (L3e-A1)
Limited Founders Edition
Sustainably made by STILFOLD technology with Swedish steel
eVCU (Electric Vehicle Control Unit) with connectivity features
Brake system co-developed with ISR and Continental
Assembled by hand in Stockholm, Sweden

FAQ: Reservation

"The STILRIDE 1’s braking system is co-developed with ISR, a world-leading brake provider based in Sweden, while the master cylinder is integrated into the handlebar to provide a clean look."

Origami-Inspired STILRIDE bends sheet of steel to form swan-like electric motorcycle

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