The Story of STILRIDE

It all Started with
a Piece of Paper.

The Start

In 1993, Tue designed his first Electric Scooter. He has been in the Industrial Design for over 20 years, including projects such as developing a sportscar together with the legendary Giotto Bizzarrini.


27 years later, childhood friends Tue Beijer and Jonas Nyvang founded STILRIDE in Stockholm, Sweden.

From Paper

In true mad scientist way it all started with a piece of paper.

And a dream of a future friendly company creating mobility devices as nature intended.

To Stainless Steel

Years later, together with cutting-edge metal folding research, that evolved into STILRIDE.

It ended (or rather truly began) with lasers, robots and SHEETS OF STEEL.

Crafted in the Future

The result is like something crafted in the future, made available in the now. Made in close collaboration with mother nature.

Soon to be Released

There will soon be a new ride in town and it's folded with origami. It is Limited Edition and made in our workshop just outside Stockholm.

A Swedish-made innovation for tomorrow's rider.

Light Electric Motorcycle (L3e-A1)

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