STILRIDE and Fortaco Group fold their way to Future of Steel Structures


The Swedish company STILRIDE, experts in STILFOLD technology, is collaborating with Mauser Cabs from Fortaco Group, a prominent partner in the construction machinery and marine industry.

Their project aims to redefine metalworking by combining origami-inspired design and manufacturing with other processes. The purpose is to demonstrate the advantages of origami-based design and manufacturing, such as reduced material waste and energy usage. The goal is to develop tools and methods for integrating STILFOLD into the production process, which could lead to more material-efficient and sustainable manufacturing methods.

Fortaco Group, an expert in steel structures and vehicle cabs, with operations across Europe, focuses on quality and productivity. Through this project, they will explore how STILFOLD technology can be integrated into their design and manufacturing processes to enhance their products and services. A key part of the project is to create a prototype that demonstrates the benefits of STILFOLD, including cost savings, rapid prototyping, and sustainable manufacturing.

STILRIDE believes that STILFOLD can be successfully applied to complex constructions and solve many production challenges. This partnership between STILRIDE and Fortaco Group is a step towards setting new standards in metalworking and sustainable manufacturing.

Jonas Nyvang, CEO of STILRIDE, emphasizes the project's potential for transformation:

"STILRIDE and Fortaco Group are breaking new ground. We are committed to both driving the development of metalworking and setting a new industry standard for sustainability and efficiency."


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