STILRIDE and Outokumpu in Strategic Partnership for Sustainable, Stainless Steel

With the ambition to fundamentally change steel production, a strategic collaboration begins today between STILRIDE and Outokumpu. The partnership is officially announced at the international steel fair Blech Expo in Stuttgart, aiming to find more environmentally friendly solutions in everything from production to construction within the steel industry.


With this partnership, the collaboration between the two companies is expanded. Outokumpu has been the chosen supplier of steel for STILRIDE's first own product, the electric motorcycle STILRIDE 1, since its origin as a research project in 2020.

"We see many similarities between our view and Outokumpu's vision of the future of the industry when it comes to opportunities and demands for environmental adaptations. With this collaboration, we can take advantage of each other's knowledge, but also jointly push ourselves to dare to take bigger steps forward," says Jonas Nyvang, co-founder and CEO of STILRIDE.

At the core of the work lies Outokumpu's stainless Circle Green steel on one side and STILRIDE's unique and patented manufacturing method STILFOLD on the other. Within the framework of the collaboration, joint case studies, as well as sales and marketing initiatives aimed at primary industries, are planned. They emphasize a shared pursuit to promote sustainable solutions in the automotive and mobility sectors with a strong commitment to environmental responsibility and innovative industrial applications.

A first case study video illustrating the use of sustainable, stainless steel in STILRIDE 1 is launched in conjunction with the steel fair Blech Expo in Stuttgart. The case study is part of an article series to be published in all major German media. At the same time, a joint case video and a "Climate Performance Potential Analysis" are also launched, showing that STILRIDE 1 has the potential to significantly reduce the amount of CO2 emissions compared to electric motorcycles produced in a traditional way in Asia.

"The STILRIDE chassis already accounts for more than 50% weight savings compared to the competition. With low-carbon stainless steel from Outokumpu's Circle Green, the potential for carbon reduction is enormous. The combination of lightweight folded structures with low carbon steel is the future of manufacturing," says Christian Engene, Sustainability Expert at Remanufaktur.

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