STILRIDE awarded Red Dot Concept Design prize

Our STILRIDE 1 bike lands yet another coveted design award, this time from Singapore-based The Red Dot Design Award.


A jury of 23 professors and experts within the architecture, industrial design, and engineering fields has awarded the STILRIDE 1 with the Red Dot Concept Design award in the Ready to Launch and Mobility and Transportation categories.

The jury of the Red Dot Award:

Design Concept follow strict guidelines to provide a fair and ethical evaluation. In addition, they declare to act fairly and impartially to the best of their ability in their jury duties. The jury are academics and design studio heads and editors of design publications who have no association with the concepts submitted. Entries are presented to the jury without name, picture or corporate logo of the designers, entries are anonymous to prevent any possible bias.

The judging criteria follows five design pillars:

How is the product different from existing marketing offerings? Is the difference positive and does it add value for the user?

Aesthetic quality
Is the product’s form pleasant to look at?

Realisation possibility
Can the product be reasonably beexpected to be ready for delivery to the market within the next 12 months?

Does the product fulfil all requirements of handling, usability, safety, and maintenance? Does it fulfil a need or function?

Emotional content
Emotional content: Does the product offer the user enjoyment beyond mere practical purpose?

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