STILRIDE’s Ambitions and Values, in the Words of CEO Jonas Nyvang

We grabbed our (rather busy) founder and CEO Jonas Nyvang for a chance to wind down and reflect on the recent reservation success, and what the future holds for the company as a whole.


Just to start off. What inspired you to start STILRIDE in the first place?

”Ultimately, STILRIDE is much more than just an electric motorcycle company. When we realized the true potential of our patented technology, we set out to be a company that pioneers a new approach to how we make things. Our ways of using curves to combine strength and beauty in a lighter weight, and a significantly lower climate impact, go way beyond just a bike.”

So, what allows your climate impact to be kept at a minimum?

”The key to the low carbon footprint is STILFOLD, our design and manufacturing technique. It uses a similar concept to modular origami, where sheet metal is bent into curves and 3-dimensional shapes with superior strength. STILFOLD builds on this by using robots to precisely control the folding and bending of sheet metal into complex components — making for an eye-catching design that combines structural support while reducing CO2, since there is basically no waste.”

Can you give any examples of how the STILFOLD technology can be used outside of your light electric motorcycles?

”The structural strength and adaptability of the technology mean it can be used for way more than just light electric mobility devices. We see great potential to use it for aerospace, automotive and heavy transportation applications.”

Jonas Nyvang, founder and CEO of Stilride.

How do you see the market for electric motorcycles evolving over the next couple of years?

”The landscape of mobility is undergoing a massive transformation, driven by technological advancements, social trends, and environmental concerns. From autonomous vehicles to electric scooters, a new era of transportation is on the horizon, changing the way we commute, deliver goods, and travel. We aim to pioneer the green transformation by developing new ways of manufacturing electric mobility devices. We want you to look good when you arrive, free of environmental guilt.”

Congratulations on over 100 reservations for the Limited Founders Edition. Looking ahead, how do you envision increasing the production rate of STILRIDE bikes?

”Right now, everything is hand-assembled by ourselves at our Stockholm HQ. The challenge we see is to be able to scale up production. We aim to do this by establishing micro factories near the end customers since our STILFOLD technology can be applied anywhere and with local steel manufacturers. And in the next coming months, we are building knowledge for establishing our company outside Europe.”

To end on a personal and lighthearted note: where and when do you envision yourself taking the perfect STILRIDE ride?

”My dream is to take the STILRIDE bike, alongside my closest friends, embarking on a transalpine adventure through the captivating Italian Alps.”

Limited Edition


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