STILRIDE takes place in ABB's growth hub SynerLeap

To spread its unique technology for origami-inspired steel construction


The Swedish startup STILRIDE, which wants to revolutionize the motorcycle market with its electric scooter SUS1, takes a place in ABB's growth hub SynerLeap. The goal is to further develop and find wider applications for its unique STILFOLD manufacturing technology, where sheet steel is bent and bent in an origami-like process.

STILFOLD makes it possible to cut advanced shapes directly from sheet steel which, with the help of specially adapted software and one or more industrial robots, can be bent, folded and shaped. The result is a very strong construction with significantly less weight than a traditional construction. The basis for the development has always been in finding a green and efficient manufacturing technology.

The goal of STILRIDE has always been sustainable products and not least sustainable production. We realized early on that there is a huge need for innovation and new thinking in this area, which is why the development of manufacturing technology has always been a basic prerequisite for working further with our first motorcycle, the SUS1.

As part of ABB's growth hub SynerLeap, STILRIDE now gets direct access to a network of other innovative players within the ABB ecosystem. In doing so, they also hope to be able to further spread the advantages of their manufacturing technology to several areas of application.

A life cycle analysis of its first product SUS1, carried out in collaboration with IVL The Swedish Environmental Institute, has shown that, thanks to the STILFOLD manufacturing technology, the climate footprint has been reduced by 50% by lowering the total weight of the solution by 40% and that the number of components required for the chassis has been reduced by a whopping 70%. In combination with the basic idea that the technology should also enable simpler local production, as long as a robotic solution is in place, means that both raw material consumption and shipping needs can be radically reduced.

Being able to become part of SynerLeap feels honoring, of course, but above all, it is proof that we are on the right path. We are now getting ready to not only start the production of our own solutions but also to be able to make a big difference in principle in all types of steel construction going forward, says Jonas Nyvang, CEO and co-founder of STILRIDE.

"We are very happy to have STILRIDE as member of SynerLeap. Together, we want to explore and develop how we can benefit from their unique origami process both within ABB and within the network of partners and customers."

Peter Löfgren
Managing Director at SynerLeap

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