CEO & founder, Jonas Nyvang will talk about how electrification affects our everyday lives today and what is required for us to take the next step toward a fossil-free vehicle fleet.


STILRIDE participates in three different tracks under the Elmia Subcontractor, focusing on the future of electrified vehicles and a more sustainable production. In line with the company's view of the outside world in general, the discussion will not only concern the electric vehicles themselves, but also the increasingly high sustainability requirements that must be placed on both raw materials and the manufacturing process.

This fair is an excellent opportunity for us to be able to talk about our overall view on everything from material selection to manufacturing and use. The great social benefits of electrification will not be noticed if we do not look at the entire chain of a product's life cycle. This is where our unique STILFOLD manufacturing technology comes in as a central part.

STILRIDE's unique manufacturing process STILFOLD makes it possible to save significantly on the total climate footprint of different types of steel constructions. Through an origami-like process, a robot is used to fold and bend sheet steel into the correct shape. This results in simpler and cheaper transport and simpler production as the number of parts that need to be welded is minimized. In addition, the construction becomes stronger with less material, which saves raw materials.

During the fair, STILRIDE participates in the following speaking opportunities:

Tuesday 15 November, 14.00-14.20, Stora scenen, Hall C
STILRIDE, future of green mobility
STILRIDE, pioneers of industrial origami, design & produce sustainable, electric vehicles by folding metal.
Jonas Nyvang, co-founder and CEO STILRIDE

Tuesday 15 November, 14.30-14.50, Stora scenen, Hall C
The future of electrified mobility
Panel discussion around the subject of 'The future of electrified mobility'. Including companies: X Shore (Boat), ElonRoad (Vehicle charging).
Jonas Nyvang, CEO Stilride
Anna Wieslander, Chief Operating Officer ELONROAD
Johannes Bhy, Director Marketing & Sales ELECTRO MOBILITY
Helena Fagraeus, X Shore

Tuesday 15 November, 16.00-16.15, Tech Arena, Hall D
Electrified mobility of the future
At Tech Arena, we present some of the hottest news regarding electrified mobility. The common denominator for these is that the companies behind the products used Dassault's software to design and develop them. Hear STILRIDE, ELONROAD and ELECRO MOBILITY talk about their products and their work.
Jonas Nyvang, Co-founder and CEO, STILRIDE
Anna Wieslander, Chief Operating Officer, ELONROAD
Johannes Bhy, Director Marketing & Sales, ELECTRO MOBILITY
Helena Fagraeus, Chief Sustainability and Strategy Office, XSHORE

Tuesday 15 November, 16.15-16.30, Tech Arena, Hall D
STILRIDE – How is electric mobility changing our daily commute?
STILRIDE, pioneers in industrial origami, design and produce sustainable, electric vehicles by folding metal. This first product, the Sport Utility Scooter One, is folded in stainless steel.
Jonas Nyvang, Co-founder and CEO, STILRIDE

Wednesday 16 November, 14.30-14.55, Innodex Arena, Hall D
STILFOLD: Industrial origami to realize the full potential of flat sheet metal
Created by STILRIDE which, in collaboration with Polestar, is developing the world's first climate-neutral car.
Jonas Nyvang, STILRIDE AB

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