STILRIDE develops Sport Utility Scooter (1)

27-year-old idea finally comes to life in the Swedish mobility startup’s first prototype.


The Sweden-based startup pioneering “industrial origami” – a cutting edge sheet metal shaping procedure using origami folding techniques, laser cutting and industrial robotics – today announces the first prototype of the STILRIDE SUS1 – a Sports Utility Scooter folded in Swedish stainless steel

"In two years me and Tue have developed this brand, technology, and pioneering product, he tells, following our childhood dream of creating a worthy contemporary heir to the scooter heritage that we both love, but with a sustainable purpose."

Jonas Nyvang

Several well-established Swedish technology and industrial players, eager to get in on the game-changing production technology, are partners in the project. These integral partnerships have imbued the STILRIDE with innovative tech features, sustainable and efficient batteries and a super strong electronic engine, ready to take happy commuters from point A to point B in stainless steel style.

The project has now taken the initial CAD model of the STILRIDE motorbike into a proof of concept. In the process the project has explored a new way of designing and constructing using duplex steel sheets as the raw material called Blanc forming.

STILRIDE has used a new sustainable smart production technology called LIGHT.FOLD using smart design and engineering in a digital value chain. Enabling a small workshop to make tailor-made products in a cost-effective way by means of automized robotic bending and laser technology.

Years in the making and originally no more than a novel mind bending concept, the STILRIDE manufacturing platform is now reality, making “produced here” not only viable, but to all intents a no-brainer for a wide range of products.

The STILRIDE project is lead by Jonas Nyvang and the industrial designer Tue Beijer. A tight collaboration between them, Semcon, the steel engineering workshop Brantheim, the research institute RISE IVF and the global stainless steel manufacturer Outokumpu has been the foundation of the success.

The STILRIDE project is funded by the research program Metalliska material coordinated by Jernkontoret and funded by Vinnova.

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